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The SoRo Advantage


Our design staff has been in the web and marketing field for over 10 years working with clients from around the country on an assortment of projects.

We know what it takes to create results & we have a proven track record of creating them.


Our experience and knowledge gives us the expertise to provide guidance when our clients need it.


We believe communication is the key to bringing your visions to life. We communicate with you every step of the process to stay on target with your goals.


We are not an over-priced design company, we know what industry standard rates are, and we are extremely competitive with these rates.


We use the best and most up-to-date industry standards in all of our projects, development and testing.

Protection of Intellectual Property

We have a deep understanding and serious respect for copyright laws and Intellectual property. Unles sotherwise specified, all work we do is considered "work for hire" and the property of our clients. We do not sell or share source codes to any third parties.


Our vast experience has given us a thorough understanding of all components of web & marketing needs that most companies lack:

  • from the wide focus of a branding campaign intergration across multiple types of media
  • to the narrow focus of user friendly UI design
  • as well as the ability to work with you on budgeting & deadlines


© Copyright 2005-2006 SoRo Systems Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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