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Imaging & Branding

"Imaging"  /  "Branding"  /  "Corporate Image"

What does it mean? Why is it important?

3 words you probably hear sometimes, or all the time. Basically meaning the same thing, it is simply the way your customers, or potential customers see you, the combination of your imagery AND content.

The words, graphics, colors you use. What is on your

  • print media - brochures, direct mail, print advertisements
  • online media - website(s), banner ads, articles
  • alternate media: anything people see or hear - presentations, radio or TV ads, exhibits

It starts with your LOGO, or "mark"

In many cases, your logo is the first impresson of your company a person sees. It MUST represent your company properly and give the right impression, or you're already fighting a losing battle.

Generally, your tag line can be an essential component of your logo. It gives you a chance to expand upon or support your graphical logo with a brief piece of text.

But it goes far beyond your logo

Your image is much more than your logo, however, because it is every part of your customer's experience, and it all adds up to create your image - good or bad. It all needs to work together to create the overall experience of your company's brand, from print media to online media to alternate media.

What we do

At SoRo, we understand the process of developing a mission critical corporate image, and we have the expertise to guide you through this process, along with the skill to design and build all of the components necessary for a successful image, from your logo and tag line, to your website, e-store, print media and beyond.

We can also build a solid foundation for your brand, which you can then take and build upon utilizing alternate media outlets, such as TV and Radio (outlets which our staff also has experience in).

Break it down

We have the experience to help you:

  • Start a new brand
  • Breathe life into an old brand with a "re-branding" campaign
  • Guide you through a branding campaign from start to finish, whether it is an existing or new brand
  • Start you on the road to a successful branding campaign by establishing the fundamental components to your brand (logo, tag line, etc)

Contact Us for more information today!

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