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Sales Process Definition, Measurement and Management

For a company that relies heavily on it’s website as a sales and marketing tool

Whether your company sells to large corporations, small businesses or direct to the consumer, SoRo Systems can create, define and implement a sales process unique to your products, customers and organization that will help turn your inquiries into measurable sales results!

Sales Process Overview

What is a sales process?

A sales process is a map consisting of a series of customer focused steps that will lead your sales force from generating inquiry through closing the sale, retaining customers and garnering referrals. 

The sales force, marketing efforts and advertising represent a substantial expense for most companies.  Each prospect or inquiry comes to your company at a cost and few things are as frustrating to a sales manager or company owner as seeing opportunities lost. 

A sales process will give your sales force a flow chart to follow towards sales success and deliver measurable results to management.

Why does your company need a defined sales process?

Benefits of integrating a customized, defined sales process into your company’s current marketing efforts:

  • Negotiate and close more sales.
  • Metrics:  A way to measure each step of the way your products and services are presented and sold.  Find out what’s working and what needs some attention.
  • Track prospect/customer data.
  • Sales training for your current sales force and a way to rapidly bring new sales representatives up to speed and shorten that learning curve.
  • Providing an edge to your company over the competition.
  • Customer enticement and retention.
  • Build Stronger relationships with customers.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Generate repeat business and referrals.

How can SoRo Systems help define and implement your unique sales process?

Every sales process is unique and tailored to your individual company’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our staff of sales and marketing professionals will start by getting a complete understanding of your company’s products and services, its industry, customers and competition through meetings with your company’s staff and our independent research.

At this point your sales process will be defined and presented to you in a written and Power Point Presentation format for you to use to train your sales staff and implement into your sales methodology.  We can use ACT!, Microsoft Office Outlook Business Contact Manager, an account management software package  of your choice or we can develop account management procedures within your company to track prospects, customers and your sales staff’s efforts.  Templates for email, written and phone communications with customers will be provided to assist your sales force and assure that a concise, consistent and accurate message is being presented to your prospects and customers.

The process is then put into motion within your company.   Measurement points will be established and review will be done after 60 days.  We will stay on to evaluate and refine the process and its implementation and bring your company sales success! 

With the access to information available, customers are more demanding, sophisticated and educated and carefully analyze all options before committing to buy.  A company needs to make the most out every exposure that they have to a potential client.  A defined sales process will give your company the edge it needs to be successful in this environment. 

Call today to speak with one of our Marketing and Sales Engineers and find out more about how SoRo Systems can help your company close more sales.


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